December 12, 2018 Agenda

El Valle de Los Ranchos Water & Sanitation District

2:00 P.M.


1. Call to Order – F.R. Bob Romero, Chairman
2. Roll Call – Meliton Struck, Secretary
3. Approval of Agenda – Board Members
4. Corrections & Approval of Previous Minutes
a. Board Meeting of November 14, 2018
5. Board Members Report
6. Open Forum - 3 minutes per guest
a. Ramon Lucero regarding the Water Master Plan
7. Correspondence – Secretary
8. Financial Report – Johnny Valerio
a. Cordova CPAs Inc. regarding audit report
b. November 2018 Financial Report
9. Engineer’s Report – Alex Abeyta
a. Progress Report
b. Amendment No. 1 to Contract 2017-06-04
c. Proposal for 2D-1C easement negotiation
d. Resolution 2018-12-04 - BAR
e. Engineering Pay Requests
10. Project Manager – Ivan Valerio
a. Progress Report (see attached report)
11. Attorney’s Report – Renee Barela-Gutierrez
a. Progress Report
b. Barela-Gutierrez Billing Report
12. Business Manager’s Report – Melene Montaño
a. Collection (See attached report)
b. Grants/Loans
c. Conference
d. Future Meetings
e. Office Closures
13. New Business – Melene Montaño
a. Resolution 2018-12-01 - Open Meetings Act
b. Resolution 2018-12-02 - Holiday Resolution
c. Resolution 2010-12-03 – Revising the District’s Policy Regarding Annual Leave
14. Old Business - Melene Montaño
a. Agreement with the Llano Quemado Mutual Domestic
b. Transfer water rights to Llano Quemado MDWCA’s wells
15. Executive Session - the Board may meet in executive session pursuant to the Open Meetings Act to discuss the following:
a. Section 10-15-1(H)(7) Pending or threatened litigation (Ben Trujillo)
16. Adjournment